Instructions for Enrolled Students

Enrolled students must register with UMWblogs to gain access to the forms needed to submit a protein.  If you are already a registered user of umwblogs, there is no need to register again.  If you need to register, just click on the Register link to the right and fill out the required information.  Enter whatever username and password you want.  When asked if you want your own umwblogs site or just a username, choose just a username.  If ever asked for your screen name, you should submit your first and last full name rather than your username.  This is the name that will appear on the site under the list of contributors to the database.

Once you are a registered user of UMWblogs, the database manager will send you an invitation by email to join this site as a contributor and asking you to reply, confirming your acceptance of the invitation.

If you have any questions, email Professor Gallik at